29 Things That Make This Life So Sweet

On my 27th birthday, I compiled a list of 27 Thoughts, Feeling, Musings, and Questions on 27 Years. I like the idea of compiling a list every year for my birthday. What can I say? I’ve been exposed to too many BuzzFeed lists in my (almost) 29 years. So here, on the eve of my next journey around the sun, I’ve decided to complete a list of 29 things that make this life so sweet (in no particular order):

  1. Donuts
  2. That moment on a Saturday morning when you realize that you slept in well past when your weekday alarm clock goes off and your internal alarm clock let you
  3. The first warm day at the end of winter that gives you hope deep down in your bones that good things are coming
  4. The feeling you get deep down in your soul when you see a song that gives you all the feels live
  5. A really good cup of coffee that is just the right temperature
  6. Meeting new people and feeling like you’ve known them all your life
  7. That feeling you get right before your plane lands at the beginning of a trip when the possibilities for adventure are endless
  8. An uncontrollable, tears down your face, belly laugh
  9. Being around people who feel like sunshine
  10. A couch nap on a Sunday afternoon
  11. The right song coming on exactly as you need to hear it
  12. Doing something that scares you and getting so much more out of it than you ever could have hoped for
  13. Students bursting at the seams to share exciting things with you
  14. When your online order arrives earlier than you expected it to
  15. When you quietly get to witness just how gosh darn good people really are
  16. When you have people in your life that are willing to sit with you in the tough stuff
  17. And those same people dance with you in the good stuff
  18. Craving something and having it be even better than you imagined it being
  19. Digging into a really good book
  20. Opening your mailbox and finding something that is not spam or a bill
  21. When you step out of a yoga class and you feel so mentally and physically ready to take on the world
  22. Finding the perfect piece of clothing that is majorly on sale and in your size
  23. When you quote a TV show and know someone knows exactly what you are talking about
  24. When you give someone the benefit of the doubt and in time you see that was absolutely the right thing to do
  25. Looking back at something and seeing that things worked out exactly like they were supposed to
  26. The way the open midwestern sky looks as the sun is setting
  27. When someone does a thoughtful act that restores your faith in people and makes you want to be a better person
  28. Opportunities to stop and smell the roses and remember life is made up of lots of little things that make up the big things
  29. People who appreciate your heart and sense of humor

Here’s to hoping that someday I have to think of 100 things to list. Now taking suggestions on what my 30 year list should consist of.


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